Yes, Digi-Invest is registered in the United Kingdom with RC number #11424547.

Any interested person can become the investor of Digi-Invest, no matter how well he or she understands the scope of our business and technical aspects of cryptocurrency mining as a whole.

The company develops long-term relationships with customers and partners. Our business plan includes the phased development over the next 10 years, until at least 2029.

To make a investment you must first become a member of digiinvest.net. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup.

It's quite easy and convenient. Follow this link, fill in the registration form and then press Register.

No, you can't lose money. We make every effort to ensure the safety of your assets. Also we have a reserve fund, that ensures the safety of your deposits.

We accept Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Paypal and Skrill.

If you are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, then the easiest and most popular way is to use Bitcoin. You can invest with any service which is the provider of Bitcoin wallets (addresses). If you do not have such wallet, please register it at the following address Blockchain.info or Coinbase.com or Block.io.

Check our homepage for conversion rates.

You can find cryptocurrency sellers here: BuyBitcoinWorldwide.com

Each of your deposits can be from 30 USD to 25000 USD maximum. The number of deposits is not limited.

Depending on each plan. Interest on your digiinvest.net account is acquired Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, 10 days,15 days and Monthly and credited to your available balance at the end of each day.

deposits are credited in few minutes.

Profit is generated on a daily basis, the first accrual will be the next day, after full 24 hours if you choose 10% daily investment plan or it is generated in the end of investment period if you choose "AFTER" investment plans.

You can access the account information 24 hours, seven days a week over the Internet.

Yes, of course. Profit is generated on an ongoing basis, 7 days a week.

You can withdraw your money any time.

Login to your account using your username and password and click on "Withdraw Funds" section.

No, compounding is not provided. You have to reinvest manually from account balance.

Yes, if reference link is used by your Friend to make a new account, then you get the commission to 5% Your Friend's Deposits.

You can contact us via the live chat or email info@digiinvest.net and we will promptly respond to any problems.

No. If we find that one member has more that one account, the entire funds will be frozen.

These funds are managed by a team of digi-invest.net investment experts.

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